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Our activities:

  • ​modular construction project management

  • modular architecture

  • modular building manufacturing

The owners:

Gary Clark Edwards

co-owner and operator

Gary is an experted contractor in field of construction. He has a scientific background, and he is our operator and business developer. Thanks to his 30 years experience in construction he has a big role in the process of implementation of the know-how in the American construction industry.  

Gary is committed to high quality, provides and expects perfect job during the whole life cycle of our projects. 

He takes part personally of every detail of the operation, do not be surprised if you see him working on the assembly of our modules :)

At the same time as an expert of business management, he provides great ideas and solutions for evcery situation. He is someone you can count anytime and he will always answer you with a great smile.

His motto:

A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything”

Agnes Nemeth

founder and CEO of CUBE Factory Group

Agnes made her dream come true when founded CUBE Factory in Hungary. She comes from Oil & Gas industry, she is committed to innovation and the philosophy of circular economy. CUBE Factory Group was formed to provide a steel framed building system with longevity, weather and earthquake proof structures., and to offer a financially extremely advantageous solution to our investors and real estate developer partners. Agnes has a team of architects, structural, mechanical  and electrical engineers, IT professionals, so a know-how dreamt by Agnes became reality 3 years ago, which we are implementing into our facility in  MINNESOTA.

The know-how includes design-manufacturing-installing-facility management.

We operate applying total quality management through our whole project life cycle, creating the smallest ecological footprint with our buildings. 

The technology of the know-how offers the advantages:

  1. guaranteed project time

  2. guaranteed project costs

  3. guaranteed and contstantly high quality

  4. safe buildings with longevity

  5. smart solutions - including solutions costumised for pandemic


She is committed to social responsibility, her motto:

"Look down on someone only when you help them up."

You can reach Gary here:

You can reach Agnes here: